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Thru years of practical experience in using submerged AK (Hydrovolt) and Subconn connectors and cables under the most extreme of rough working environments around (for example) the dredging industry. We know what these connectors and cables have to withstand to keep functioning flawlessly.

Besides just using them we have also been very closely involved in improving the connectors themselves, as well as their protection from the elements to further improve their resistance to keep working under extreme conditions like in the dredging and mining industry.

Due to our contacts with connector- and cable suppliers we can help customers to obtain any type of special submerged cables or to get complete cables with connectors all ready pre-assembled.

Apart from the standard submerged connectors,
EST can also provide customers with Special High-Quality and Performance Underwater connectors from Gisma, which is today one of the leading manufacturers of underwater connectors.

Gisma has a product range in connectors which can cover all types of applications like electrical, fiber-optic, hybrid/pressure balanced and ROV-mateable. Many of these Gisma connectors are build to military specifications and are all class approved.

In addition to the submerged connectors EST cooperates with a large Australian company that sells all kinds of High-Quality "Dry" connectors in a very wide range.

Please see our general overview of Underwater and "Dry" Connectors for more information.

If you are looking for a special or specific type of connector, Contact Us.

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