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Home > Blackout Solutions 2011/01/26
  The IMP Series is a specially Silent Plug-n-Play system designed for small to medium business environments, which require backup power during black-outs or power failures to keep their (office) equipment and their business running as if there is NO power failure at all.
Are you tired of losing business and money,
because you’re caught by a black-out and standing in the dark (again)?
Then the IMP Series is your Solution!
It doesn’t require any installation, just plug in the 240V GPO’s.
No more black-outs within 15 minutes!

The design of the IMP Series is also to reduce pollution and noise to a bare minimum by using a external generator unit only as a very last resort when the battery bank of the IMP is completely depleted after hours of service.

The IMP Series is designed as a plug-n-play system, meaning anyone can get it setup and running within approx. 15 minutes. No expensive electric installers needed, just plug in the GPO’s to connect whatever 240VAC equipment you want to keep running during black-outs.

Applications for the IMP series are almost unlimited, following are a few examples.

Office environment:
Tele Communication and PABX systems, Cash registers and EFTpos Systems, IT/Computer equipment (workstations).

Security environments:
Alarm Installations, Security monitoring-stations and Camera Installations.

Medical environments:
Medicine Cooling and Medical Specialized Equipment

Other environments:
Expensive Fish tanks, Fridges and Cooling units, General Lighting.

The IMP Series is a Build-to-Order EST Product, which can be customized to suit the customers application where needed. Demonstrations and test trials on request.

Contact Us for more information on how EST can keep you out of the dark.
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