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Home > Ship & Process Automation 2011/01/26

Thru years of practical experience in using IT and Process Management equipment, EST has built up a vast amount of IT knowledge and understands the importance of the every day growing demand of cost effective streamlined Process Automation.

To be able to provide customers with cost effective ship automation solutions and any other form of custom designed process control for on land applications, EST has become a representative and service provider for the Dutch company Praxis Automation Technology B.V. in the Australia region. An company with over 40 years of experience in ship automation.

Praxis Automation has earned a unique place in the shipbuilding industry as a reliable independent supplier, thru their innovative, fully In-House designed and cost effective automation systems from small alarm to fully integrated ship automation systems.

By working together with Praxis Automation, EST can provide customers cost effective automation solutions to suit their marine or land application needs. Based on the Praxis Automation Mega-Gard and Maxi-Gard systems.

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